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Sierra-Blair Coyle 2 LG Vacuum Cleaners - Skyscraper Climb

Sierra Blair Coyle – 1 Mind, 1 Body, 2 Vacuums

Doesn't climbing a sky scraper sound like a wondrous way to promote a vacuum cleaner? Equipped with 2 vacuum cleaners strapped to her back Sierra Blair Coyle did just that. GoPro and RedBull normally come up...

Imogen Heap Demos Gloves That Change How We Make Music

ImogenHeap demonstrates Mi.Mu's latest wearable tech... Run by a Not-For-Profit Mi.Mu the team consisting of creatives and artist of all sorts came together to make this revolutionary wearable technology. Comprised of motion sensor tech, electronic algorithms...
Basslet Subwoofer Watch it studios

Basslet Is All About Making You Feel The Bass

This cool watch makes you feel the music! Lofelt has made a subwoofer for your wrist blasting drum and bass through your body and into your bloodstream. Imagine feeling a concert experience. While strolling down the...
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