The very first self-aware toy truck.

Cozmo By ANKI The Artificially Intelligent Toy

The toy robot thats on a whole new level. Thinking, learning and understanding the environment around it. The very first self-aware toy truck. Unlike any other...
ASUS Zenbo it studios

ASUS – Zenbo The Family Friendly Bot

Zenbo The Family Smart Robotic Companion... Makes Every Day Tasks Easier And Smiles Right Back At You When Ever you Need It. "Zenbo is a...


Basslet Subwoofer Watch it studios

Basslet Is All About Making You Feel The Bass

This cool watch makes you feel the music! Lofelt has made a subwoofer for your wrist blasting drum and bass through your body and into your...



Chip is a friendly and smart robot, recognizing it's owner and interacting with commands understanding what you tell it and making you smile.

Wowwee – Chip The Very First Actual Robot Dog

Your best friend  just might end up being a robot... Wowwee Chip is friendly and smart robot, recognizing it's owner and interacting with commands understanding...

Holograms Come To The Theatre

Adam Donen's "Symphony To A Lost Generation" is making technological break throughs with holograms. This could be a must see. Never have we heard of...


FFZERO1 - The most serene thus far in style and imperturbable in any situation. 


FFZERO1 - This is a vision of the future. New ideas and concepts come into fruition as our society changes. Alternative energy is effecting the...
Tomorrow's Motorcycle Is The Honda V4

Tomorrow’s Motorcycle Is The Honda V4

The future of travel on a motorcycle is sleek and simple but exquisitely defined. Honda Motor Company has developed concepts and innovations in mobility since...

BMW’s Vision After 100 years

For 100 years, BMW has been innovating some of the best engineering genius the world has ever seen. The vision for the future is looking...
Flyboard Air by Zapata Racing

Flyboard AIR – The First & Fastest Real Hover Board!

Soon everyone will be able to fly! The dream of a board that lets you fly through the skies is now coming to fruition. ZR has...



The next generation of the super yacht is submersible.

Migaloo Submersible Yacht – The definition of Freedom

A yacht and movable island the whale of luxury and design in... Migaloo-Submarines are gargantuan statements of engineering and power. Both in status and...



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